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Third Lockdown Update – Important Information

Posted on January 26th, 2021


We’re Open!

The rules below will apply to my fishery for this third lockdown period. Please read, digest and practice when you visit TTF.  Our PM has asked us all to help reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and so here at TTF we will do our very best! Thanks so much!

Lockdown Information

  1. All permits must now be purchased from our new desk with plastic screen that is positioned in the open air outside of our tackle shop under our veranda. Anglers won’t be able to enter our tackle shop. Anglers can still buy tackle, flies and items in our shop from our new outside desk and pay by cash or card. If an angler would like to pay by card before arrival, please ring me on 07970 608890.
  2. All anglers are asked to wear a face covering when under our veranda and that Inc’s both when purchasing a permit or weighing in fish.
  3. No smoking under the veranda please.
  4. If an angler is fishing alone he/she may have a maximum of one guest!
  5. All anglers are asked to fish on a platform or up to 2m either side.
  6. All anglers must observe the 2m social distancing rule even after the 2nd Dec!
  7. No sharing of fishing tackle.
  8. No hiring of tackle from TTF.
  9. No Tuition will be available from TTF.
  10. Santizer is provided outside the toilet, on our new permit desk and under our veranda on the wall, please use it regularly! It would be good practice to bring your own to use in your car on arrival and on departure from the fishery.
  11. Do not leave home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and follow Government advice on testing and self-isolation.

Free Coffees

Free takeaway coffees from my shop will still be available for fly anglers during this 4 week Lockdown period but unfortunately free takeaway pasty Friday will not.
It is my intention to keep the fishery open Tue – Sun through this period and if there are any changes to this I will post it immediately on this fishery Facebook page.
Tight lines and enjoy! 🙂 Ab xxx