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Office & Tackle Shop


There is an office and tackle shop situated next to the lakes selling fishing permits, gift vouchers, trout fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, fly fishing waistcoats,hats, coats, landing nets, tackle bags, fly boxes,priests, backing line, leader line, freezer bags, flies,etc. etc. Please help to keep the fishery tidy and environmentally friendly by using our rubbish bins and line bins.

Opening Times

Our tackle shop/office is open on and off throughout the day when the fishery is open. If the intercom sign is showing when you arrive, all fishing permits can be purchased from Lakeview Farmhouse by buzzing the intercom. Anglers are requested to buzz the intercom on departure, if the sign is out.

Covid–19 Third Lockdown Update: We're Open! Our Fly Fishing Lakes are open. Please read our update on the new rules and procedures at our fishery.Read Update
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