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Come and stay in a stunning location on the edge of Dartmoor, relax or explore the choice is yours!


Float Fishing Visits


***Covid – 19 Update***

****Our Children’s Float Fishing Lake is now open but rods will not be available to hire this year. Instead  float rod combo kits will be for sale from our tackle shop at reasonable prices.****

Adult’s and Children’s Float Fishing Visits include:

Float fishing rod, net, priest, hooks and bait included (catch and release or catch and keep).

  • Float fishing rod & bait (catch and keep or release)

Adult and Children’s Float Fishing Vouchers Available Ring 01822 615441 

Opening Times

  • Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
  • Float fishing lake open 10am-3.30pm weekdays
  • and 10am-4.30pm Saturdays & Sundays

If you would like to fish outside of these opening times please ring and make an appointment on 07970 608890 and we will do our very best to fit you in.

Please Note: Our fly fishing lakes open at first light and close at dusk everyday of the week but are closed Mondays.

Office / Tackle Shop Opening Times

Our office/tackle shop is open on and off throughout the day when the fishery is open. If the intercom sign is showing when you arrive, all fishing permits can be purchased by buzzing the intercom. Anglers are requested to buzz the intercom on departure, if the sign is out.


  • 1 Adult: £20
  • 1 Adult + 1 Child: £20
  • 1 Adult + 2 Children: £23
  • 2 Adults + 1 Child: £23
  • 2 Adults + 2 Children: £26

Extra adult and children £3 each Children 1 and under free

Fish Charges

Fish can be caught and released by an adult or paid for at £6.60 kilo/£3.00 lb at the tackle shop

Extra Rods

1 Rod is included with every family permit purchased. Extra rods hired or own rod used £10 each

Hot Weather

During hot weather it is recommended that you do not catch and release fish but instead that you catch, keep and pay for
them. Trout do not like hot weather.

Float Fishing Lake


Life buoys are shown in red on our safety map. Our first aid kit is located in the office/tackle shop.

An emergency telephone is located in the Angler’s tea room. In an emergency break glass and dial 999. Handwashing is located at numbers 6 and 12 on the map – please make sure all children and adults wash their hands before eating or drinking or before you leave.